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Quiver Reviews

Have you heard about Quiver? Some folks describe it as Swinger matchmaking app. But to be precise, it is actually a matchmaking game. So those who have been used to use conventional dating app will be completely surprised with what Quiver offers. First reason, of course because it is a game. But second, it is a reality game! This matchmaking game involves real people. It actually emphasizes on the online dating activity, but wrapping it in unorthodox way.
So rather than relying on dull and cold logarithm in conventional dating sites, Quiver lets its members to do the matchmaking. It clearly states that human is much better than computer at seeing.


Unlike the other app, this game is completely FREE! Indeed! You can use all the features of the game as soon after finishing the registration.

Best Matchmaking App

Quiver is a game which involves its users to conduct the matching. So you will the judge who will look compatible with you. It is very interesting because you will be matched by a person, not a computer. So, why not let human play cupid instead of cold computer? Quiver helps people to find their pair. The matchmaker game will show several candidates until you are interested in only one person and decide to meet him or her. It is a brand new way to find attractive people in the most fun ways. You will find a lot of excitements here.

Dating Tips and the Game

Here you can find your new friends or dating partner very easily. As it meat of the content, Quiver is a fun game. You can be either Matchmaker or play as Cupid, or register as Single, to be put in the game of matchmaking. If you think you are enough about finding someone, you can play Cupid instead. Or perhaps you want to be a lucky guy to be found in the middle of nowhere by a beautiful princess.
Matchmakers are also a position that will benefit you. In case the two people you are matching become dating partner, and like each other’s, your account will level up, gaining influence in the game, and get more arrows.

Who Is It For? Sign Up and Profile


Basically, whoever you are, you can register and join the fun. Anyone, anywhere, can sign up as Matchmaker by linking to Facebook Account. So you will need a verified Facebook account to register to the game. This game is initially launched in the US. For those outside US, you don’t need to worry. You can register anyway. The app will notify you if they are available in your country. The good thing about this game is that you can join as single or not. What we meant is that you can hide your profile to just play the Matchmaking game.
All you need to do now is just download the app at the official site of Quiver which is TryQuiver.com and download the app in the App Store. Then you can just start playing the game.


Quiver is basically a social game where you and your friends can match each other with other gamers in the app. So the chances are almost endless. You can find new people, and who knows, you will find your soulmate in the middle of the way. It is free, fun, and safe. So, why not give it a try?

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